10 Things Most People Don't Know About gogoanime

Anime Top: The Wind Rises (2013)

Is a historical animated film released in the summer of 2013 and is the highest-grossing film in Japan that year.

The main character in the movie is Jirō born at the time of the transition between old and new Japan. Jirō has a passion for the air and the sky, so since childhood, he has always wished to fly an airplane across the old Japanese spaces.

But that dream was difficult when he had severe nearsightedness and could not become a pilot. Then his dream to a new page is when he became an aircraft design engineer.

Jirō spent his adolescence, his love of successfully designing the best fighter of World War II. But this aircraft soon became ashes when the Japanese army failed.


Finally he was helpless in regret and loneliness when his love died. The wind is still blowing, we still have to live the message that the film brings

Best Anime Sen and Chihiro in the mysterious world (Spirited Away)

It was a Japanese animated film for teenagers that first premiered in 2001. https://gogoanime123.com/ Up to nearly 20 years have passed but this film is still the best film of all time.

The plot revolves around the little Chihiro who is always bored with life. Once, when the family moved into a new house, Chihiro got lost in the spirit land and was trapped.

Chihiro's parents were cursed into cattle, Chihiro had to accept a job at the Yubaba Hotel to find a way to save her parents.

Sen meets Haku, a nice guy who always helps her and her face - the god of a river. The adventure of finding his real name and the answer to return to Sen's human world begins.

The spirit land has rained the Japanese film market and the world for many years and until now this film has always impressed the viewers.